EcoFuegos Water Vapor Fireplaces


It's not Gas, it's not Ethanol, it's WATER !
100% Safe with cold flames and no emissions

About the Water Vapor Technology

A Water Vapor Fireplace is an electric fireplace featuring the most realistic fake flame. This revolutionary ultrasonic technology is used to create the effect of flame and smoke. They consist of a very fine haze illuminated by LEDs. Light reflects off the water molecules, creating a compelling illusion of fire. The result is an appearance so authentic that it will be mistaken for a real fire.

Any length, any location, and any number of sides. Forget about venting, gas lines and hot glass, because they are a thing of the past. Now imagine flames made of water that you can reach out and touch. Revolutionary Water Vapor technology reinvents the electric fireplace and makes it easier than ever to add a dramatic fire feature to any space. See-through, three-sided, open concept, the possibilities are endless, so go ahead and play with fire.

Easily create a pleasant and stunning atmosphere :

  • Operates on a standard 220V

  • No chimney

  • No glass

  • No ethanol/gas required, just water!

  • Auto-fill or reservoir

  • Easy-to-fill water reservoir allows up to 14 hours of continuous operation

  • Eco-friendly

  • 100% safe

  • Economical: low cost to run 

  • No Technical constraints (example: no clearance for TV above)